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Thursday, February 20, 2014


1. Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver  continues to be the best Web editing solutions for designers and

developers, both self-employed, and for associates from large production

companies. The latest version of Dreamweaver

adds a lot of worth, it's definitely a must‐have  for designers creating difficult, highly

developed Web


2. XSitePro‐ 

If you have an online business, or planning on starting an online business , XSitePro

is a must have tool,

you can get your hands on a software package that was designed with you in mind.

There is vast

amount of great features to XSitePro which makes it stand out from other programs.

The Widget Wizard

allows you to add a pre made script to your site, which incorporates image galleries,

dates, ect.

Everything  that would normally take a while to code, you can set up an easy shop

by adding a paypal

button for each product. Another great thing about XSitePro is it has in built

templates which means you

all you have to do is edit them and include your own text using WYSIWYG  editor.

3. Web Studio 5.0 

Web Studio 5.0 is tool that does a really good job at building a Web page by simply

dragging the images

or multimedia elements that you want onto your document and then typing text

around them. Web

Studio 4.0 makes it simple to understand how to create a Web page by removing all

direct access to it

from the user.

4. Trendyflash

Trendy flash Site Builder is a tool for creating a sophisticated quality flash Websites.

The builder supports

creating flash websites up to 100 pages with access to add own logo, JPG images,

size, external links,

MP3 music, image position and transparency,  and contact form. The builder helps

with abundant text

editing for all text areas. It includes 150 themes covering different categories and

50 animated designs

making 7500 distinct Web site layouts possible. Furthermore In‐built gallery of 200

stock images and 50

music clips. A single click publish generates all the necessary  files set to be


5. CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer

CoffeCup Visual Site Designer is a WYSIWYG  Website creator and editor that assist

you to make web

pages with no or little experience on HMTL. All there is to it is drag and drop images

or text on the page

until you are pleased with what you see, then just upload it to your Website. Visual

Site Designer

includes 10 Webpage themes to get you started with. You can create websites with

multiple pages, text

fields, graphics, animations, and more. Add your own images or use the built‐in

button and background

creators to make every step easier.

6. Rapidweaver  ‐

Rapidweaver  is great for anyone who want to create a beautiful website.

Rapidweaver  has all the tools

you need to rapidly create pages that you will great about. Rapidweaver  works

really great with Mac,

and it makes use of all the new great technologies.

RapidWeaver is a web design application for Mac OS X

7. PhotonFX Easy Website Pro 4.1 Web Site Builder

Website Pro 4.0 is a Web site builder that has dominant features to generate

professional Web sites,

from Web site templates and post them to the internet. You can publish your

pictures and create

thumbnails in just one single click. Other great features are you can create meta

tags, colored scrollbars,

and intros.

8. Microsoft Expression Web 4

Microsoft Expression Web 4 is a perfect site for people that are very visually

creative. You can add media

such as Silverlight video, Windows Media, Silverlight from Microsoft Expression

Blend, and Adobe Flash.

Also advanced Adobe Photoshop file import gives you full control over imported

layers and


9. Evrsoft First page 2006

Evrsoft is a HTML editing software. It allows you to completely create and edit web

documents with

code control. First Page 2006 incorporates complete support for HTML, XHTML, PHP,

Javascript, ASP,

CSS, Perl, and SSI. Evrsoft First Page 2006 is created for professional web


10. Namo WebEditor 

Namo WebEditor is one of the few finalized Web authoring applications designed

and also the only

software you will probably need to create, edit, publish, and mange your websites.

Namo WebEditor

allows Web professionals to design excellent sites. It's an easy, quick software that

allows beginners to

increase into advanced.

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