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Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to Convert Smartphone into Remote Control

Convert your smartphone into Remote Control 

As we all know that now a days using remote control we control many electronic devices, Such as Television, music System, Car, etc. for all of these we used different different devices or we can say that for all of these devices we used different remote control, but, if we find only one  common remote control and using this remote control we control all the devices !, such this type of remote control we can say “Universal Remote Control”. You can make your smartphone a universal remote control. For this you just need to instilled some applications in to your smartphone.

Start your Car from anywhere with your Smartphone

Viper SmartStart (Free app) using this application you can lock and unlock you car and you can also start your car, even also you can find your car location. You can install and download this apps from Google play store, iTunes Store as well on your windows phone.

To control home appliances 

for controlling home appliances, Home automation maker company “Crestron” provides remote control application for home appliances called “Crestron apps” . Using this application you can use your smartphone as a remote control. This apps connected with wi-fi and control home appliances. This apps are available in two version for android user, first one is free and second one is paid (you need to pay approx 5000 Rs. To installed). iPhone user can installed this apps from iTunes store.



To Control your Personal Computer

You can installed Gmote Application in to your smartphone to control your personal computer through your smartphone for this you need to installed Gmote Clint Application in your smartphone  then after you need to installed Gmote server then after you can control your personal computer through you smartphone.

Touch mouse Application 

Touch mouse designed by Logitech, using this application you can use your iPhone and iPad touch to your PC’s keyboard and trackpad, Using WiFi Touch Mouse can be used.

Logitech Harmony Smart Control

Using logitech’s this application you can make your android and iPhone smartphone as a universal remote control, using this application your smartphone work at least 8 different remote control such as Tv, Music System, gaming etc included.
If your smartphone is not with you at this time you can use one general remote control that come with this application, this application price is $ 129.

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