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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Top 5 Online Programming Competition

Do you have excellent programming skill?? Do you want the world to see what all you can do with these skill?? Then taking part in online programming competition which are been organized by the different tech giants is one of the best way to demonstrate your programming skills.
Every year various tech giants online sponsor various online programming competitions in which people from different part of the world register to test their coding skill and to know where they stand in the world ranking. The intersecting part of these events is if you able to achieve top ranking in any of the event then you will be rewarded with thousands of dollars $$$$. Although every year different websites organize many coding events but here is a list of top 5 online programming competition recommended in which you can take part and complete with hard code programmers.

Top 5 Online Programming Competition

One of the Best online and highest rewarded online programming competition. This is an annual programming competition sponsored and supported by Google itself. Lots of people all around the world takes part in this annual challenge to test their programming skills. Top 25 people out of the thousands are called to Google headquarters to compete in finals with each other. at the end of it all, stood alone as the Code Jam Champion. Not only did he take home the $15,000 grand prize, he also earned the right to defend his title from you in the next year Finals!
  • Facebook Hackers Cup

It’s the second highest rewarded online programming competition. This is an annual programming competition sponsored and supported by Facebook itself. Thousands of professional and student programmers provided complex algorithmic challenges to solve using the programming language of their choice in a limited amount of time but only one will emerge as world champion. The world finals of this competition happens in Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park, California. The Winner will be awarded with a prize of $10,000 and with a Hackers Cup trophy
  • Microsoft Imagine Cup

The Imagine Cup invites students from around the world to learn, collaborate and change the world by applying their imagination, passion and creativity to technology innovations. The Imagine Cup is a great opportunity for students to showcase their programming creativity and ability. It’s free to enter, giving free access to Microsoft software and developer tools for learning, teaching and research purposes. Prizes upto $50,000 are given to champions.
  • Al Zimmermann’s Programming Competition
Al Zimmermann Online Programming Competition Top 5 Online Programming Competition
This online programming completion runs one or two contests per year. Each contest asks that you come up with your best solutions to a set of computationally intensive problems, generally involving sophisticated heuristics. You have to enter in arena where demented computer programmers compete for glory and for some cool prizes worth $500.
  • Robotix
This is a online programming and sudocode event been organized by the Technology Robotix Society of IIT Kharagpur. Robotix which involves multiple problem statements that span various genres of programming including path planning, image analysis, natural language processing and more, this mega-event searches for the most comprehensive and versatile coder. Only the ones who persist, whose aptitude stand the test of endurance, however, will finally taste victory. Prizes upto $1000 are distributed through this event.
 Prepare yourself for these Online Programming Competition
We have read about the different online programming competition and one thing is very much clear as these all are worldwide events thus many hard core programmer will take part in these competition and the question arises how to get prepared for these events before competing in these competition. The answer is Codechef which is one of my personnel favorite programming skill development site.
CodeChef is a global programming community. We host contests, trainings and events for programmers around the world. It provides a platform for practice, competition, improvement and have fun. You can practice and solve different problem which is been submitted by different user online and can test results directly by submitting your code online to the virtual compiler.
People can judge their performance and can take part in the monthly challenges and programming event to test is coding skills. Over 25,000 people worldwide have joined CodeChef so far and this provide you an open platform to sharpen your programming skills

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